Abrasive awakening of lust

N FBR -  (Natural Fiber Rugs) Immediately blot spills to remove excess liquid with a clean white cloth or plain paper towel. Blot again with a solution of one teaspoon mild detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar in a quart of warm water. Do not saturate.

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, "not in agreement," from Old French desagreable (13c.), from des- (see dis- ) + agreable (see agreeable ). Meaning "not in accord with one's taste" is from 1690s. Related: Disagreeably ; disagreeableness . Slightly earlier in same sense was unagreeable (late 14c.).

Abrasive Awakening Of LustAbrasive Awakening Of LustAbrasive Awakening Of LustAbrasive Awakening Of Lust