George kranz the laws of dancing

The occupants of the White House since 1958 often have closely identified their offices with NASA, sometimes in very personal ways. John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert became friends with astronaut John Glenn, and Richard Nixon thought it was important for American society in a time of cultural tumult to have heroes such as astronauts. However, the main driver of presidential activity on space was national policy. From Dwight D. Eisenhower’s insistence that NASA be a civilian agency, to Kennedy’s challenge to Congress and the nation to fund the first human moon landing to enhance America’s global political standing, to George W. Bush’s proposal that America lead the way in setting up an outpost on the moon and send explorers to Mars, space has been an important, even if not central, element of the modern presidency. Each president has made his own contribution to that history.

This is what it says, that the record is still held fast in shrink-wrap. We tend to be pretty suspicious about these things, so if the shrink-wrap doesn't look original, or if the record seems to have undergone some damage over time, we'll probably take it out of the wrapper to ensure that it's in good shape — which is why we don't have more of these. In some cases the shrink-wrap may be torn in spots, but if it's not possible the record has been taken out and played, the record will still qualify as "Sealed".

George Kranz The Laws Of DancingGeorge Kranz The Laws Of DancingGeorge Kranz The Laws Of DancingGeorge Kranz The Laws Of Dancing